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Thread: I enjoy a good cigar once in a while...

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    Vaping is inhaling liquid vapor from an electronic "e cig" (I don't use an "e-cig" I use Mods... because they have POWER!- bigger batteries ect.) type device. That liquid... known as "juice" can either have nicotine in it or be zero nic. And most often comes in about a zillion wonderful flavors.
    Many people use it to quit smoking. Because you only inhale nicotine and water vapor from using it, and maybe a little flavorant... not the million awful chems in cigarettes.

    I vape with a Low nicotine juice, because I like a little nicotine sometimes.
    Plus... I can Vape in the house... if you are vaping vanilla it tastes and smells like vanilla.
    Used in this way I really don't see it as any different than coffee. It's no longer really harmful IMO.
    I don't do it every day.
    (Many people who quit smoking swap to Zero Nic juice but enjoy the flavors and sensation of vaping so continue... to do it full time. *shrug*)
    They even make a Vaping pipe... I may have to buck up and get that mod and see if it can find a cherry vanilla tobacco juice to make the nostalgia complete.
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    My maternal grandfather smoked cigars and pipes and lived to be 98.

    My paternal grandfather smoked cigarettes and died of complications from emphysema in his 50s. He was also crippled as he had contracted polio as a child.

    The smell of cigars and pipes bring back childhood memories for me. I have enjoyed and smoked the occasional cigar, usually Macanudos, but not recently. I also occasionally smoke a cigarette.

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    I spoke about 2 a week. After a long day of work a glass of cabernet, a cigar, and a book hit the spot every time.

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    Thanks, Cori, for the explanation - it makes much more sense now!

    So funny, just yesterday I posted that I'd never tried a pipe, and last night i was at an event, and a friend brought his pipe, and I got a chance to try it. I was surprised by how much I liked it. The smoke was much thinner than what I'm used to with a cigar, but the flavor of the pipe tobacco was really fantastic. It was kind of a pain, though, to keep stamping the tobacco down and relighting.

    Now, I'm thinking about crossing over...

    And I just watched the videos on the Rocky Patel website about what goes into making their about quality control! Plus they understand that happy, unstressed workers make a better product, so they actually limit how many cigars the rollers can make per day...among other things. Made me feel really good to support them!
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