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Thread: Primal Places to Visit in Different Countries

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    Owly, that's a great name for the park. I assume it is a literal translation from the native language?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mommymd View Post
    Owly, that's a great name for the park. I assume it is a literal translation from the native language?

    I think so. It comes from a young man who was found at the bottom of the cliffs who was killed during one of the hunts (bison landing on you...not good).
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    In Germany you can visit the Neanderthal Museum near Cologne. It's near the original site where they found the Neanderthal bones. It's not a very large museum, but interesting!

    In Berlin there is a paleo restaurant, the Sauvage. I am going to visit Berlin in 3 weeks and can't wait to have dinner there!

    I am sure there are more primal places in Germany, but these were the most obvious for me.

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    Egypt has some great primal places. Besides the usual tourist places (pyramids, museums, etc) there are some great desert trips you can make run by some of the Bedouin tribes. We did one out to the white desert, an awe inspiring place.

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    I'm hoping this thread will attract some posts. I don't go on holiday much, but if I went to Australia where would I go to find out Aboriginal life pre-contact, and is any of the rock art accessible? What about stuff on the Maoris and the flora and fauna of New Zealand? If I pop over to Norway -- not too far -- is the Fram on show, and can I find out about Nansen and what he learned from indigenous peoples?QUOTE]

    Lewis, when you come to New Zealand, look us up and we will certainly point you in the right direction. We are a relatively new country compared with some others, but we have some amazing sights and sounds. Sometimes its not the tourist attractions that are the best to see, its those little out of the way places. We do alot of jet boating around the South Island, and wow - we live in an amazing when you come out here - get in touch !
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