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Thread: New Group called Primal Bluenosers

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    Jan 2010
    Prospect, Nova Scotia

    New Group called Primal Bluenosers

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    Join us Nova Scotian's here in the Great White North (Canada).

    If you live here or planning to visit.
    We Welcome you to our group!!

    Noun (Bluenoser)

    * S: (n) Nova Scotian, bluenose (a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia)
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    Apr 2010
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Primal in Dartmouth

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    I am sorta primal in Dartmouth.
    I've been reading MDA for 2.5 years and made a shift in the Primal direction 2 years ago.
    (I started doing SimpleFit) and cut out a lot (90%) of grains.
    The change has been good. Quite quickly, I went from 215 lbs down to 199. I've been holding steady for a year or more.

    Just this last week I decided to try to lose some more fat and have completely eliminated grains and am watching my carbs closely.

    My username is just an old username. I keep using it, because I am on enough forums that some people (very few!) will recognize it.
    My name is Matthew Jarsky and you can call me Matt.

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