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Thread: Decreased energy and power

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    Decreased energy and power

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    I have been following the PB lifestyle for 6 weeks and at first my legs felt great. I had tons of energy, power, and strength. Lately I have had no energy....close to 2 weeks and my legs feel very heavy and tired. I am and have always been an active person with running, walking and lifting during the week and hiking and climbing on the weekends. I hike 6 to 16 miles on each weekend day on moderate terraine. Just wondering if I should increase my carbs or not. I average about 90 carbs a day, 70 fat and 90 protien. Calories approx 1300

    I am a 5' 6" female, weigh about 140. My typical meals are as follows:

    B: Sausage with veggies or eggs with C. oil and veggies

    L: Chicken Thigh with veggies

    D: BAS with some kind of protien source

    During the day I usually have 1-2 pieces of fruit and some almonds. I wil also have occ. dark chocolate. Any thoughts as to why my legs just don't want to do what I want them to do?

    I should also add that I have hypothyroidism.
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    You need to eat more

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    That looks like very little food for an active person, even one who is trying to lose weight. 1300 calories is pretty low.
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    Sweet potatoes/yams are your friend.

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    If you are done leaning out - pile on more carbs. Like a lot more.
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    Thanks for the replies. I will try to increase my calories. I am not done leaning out..still need some more work on that. To increase my calories..should I eat more protien or carbs or both? Just curious what has worked for others. Thanks.

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    both of them. Increase calories, protein and carbs but watch out and don't go overboard

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    More meat, preferably throwing in some liver a couple times a week. Some sardines and eggs too.

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