I just finished 30 days primal today. I feel pretty good. There were days of greatness, and days of...well, not so greatness....but I'm really glad i've started this journey.

With the beginning of a new month I'm starting another 30 days. This time even better. I'd say I was true to 80% or better primal the whole 30 days. I want to get even squeakier than the past month. While I didn't notice significant physical changes (except more muscle on an already pretty muscular build) I feel so much better. I would like to tighten it up and see what I really can do.

My goals:
BALANCE in my life. learn tools to de-stress when it creeps up
lose 1-2% more body fat
Do a running race 100% primal with no extra carb supplements other than regular primal veggies and fruits (I'm already training this way)-but train smart, not more.
drink more water. I'm very bad at this.