Hi all,

This is my 37th day of living a paleo/primal lifestyle and it friggin' rocks. While I'm still working on trimming belly fat (more on that in a second), my energy level is spectacular. That alone justifies this entire endeavor for me. But I am curious how long it takes for a person like me to fully become a fat-burning beast.

I am and always have been a scrawny little Filipino dude, a 'skinny fat' ectomorph no doubt. It wasn't until college (and afterwards) however that I started to develop a substantial pudginess in my gut thanks to my diet of (at least) 3 cups of white rice a day (damn you, Filipino food). Since I've cut grains out completely, I've lost about 5 lbs. and have become, uh, less pudgy (see attached picture). But, after watching Mel Gibson's Apocalypto recently, I want the sort of physique that the protagonist has in case any bloodthirsty Mayans decide to chase after me. Per the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan, I've been doing the full set of body weight exercises that Mark recommends twice a week and slowly implementing interval sprint sessions. Will sticking to these body weight exercises and weekly sprints be enough to finally melt the rest of the belly fat? Since I have no access to free weights (except for 15 lbs. dumbbells), I'm planning to stick to the body weight exercises; I wonder however if this will lead to little or no success at shredding the rest of the fat away. My own research suggests that I will need to pursue lifting but my financial resources are limited.

1st Month.jpg