Hi all! I have been observing some of the before and after pics. There certainly are some amazing transformations. But I have noticed several of the people look rather emaciated, kind of like how long distance runners look. Gaunt, I guess. The arms appear to have no definition whatsoever.

As a personal trainer, this leads me to believe there is a lot more walking and sprinting going on as opposed to lifting heavy things. Not that I want to see big, bulging muscles, but I do think some definition looks fabulous. I would think grok and his lady would look a little more buff than emaciated due to their lifestyle.

Has anyone else noticed this? As a trainer I run folks through all kinds of upper body programs with great results (per what the client wants) . Myself, I am a total mesomorph body type and if I do much beyond pushups and pull ups I begin to get too big and bulky. I can easily punch out 20 pushups and am working on improving my pull ups. Love it makes me feel strong!

What is your upper body routine?