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Thread: physique

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    Well exercise-wise I really only do shoulder press and back work regularly. I have a punching bag in my room which I hit whenever I feel the need, which is sort of a chest workout. I also tend to climb trees a lot.
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    OP here. Most of what I was referring to was related to the female before and afters. And I know many women are afraid they will bulk up. But I see a lot of (not just here) skinny yet flabby arms. I see this in my practice as well. My clients are really happy when they see their "guns " taking shape. I have yet to bulk a woman up. I have many requests to create Michelle Obama arms. Inmean no harm to anyone! Lifestyle change is a big deal and takes time.

    So ladies, when you are out taking some walks throw in a couple rounds of pushups. Find a bench and do some tricep dips. I took my ladies only bootcamp out to the park last night and we had great fun doing hill repeats, dips and pushups off the bench, step -ups, took some resistance bands and did rows and bicep curls on the playground equipment, then some swinging for the core. BIG FUN! It was the last day of a session which began in May. The gals were all marveling over the transformation and the fact that they were stronger for doing everyday tasks such as moving furniture, carrying gas cans to the boat, and being able to squat low and stretch long for softball games.

    To me functional fitness is the true reward and good -looking guns are a nice side effect. As I reread my post it seems as if I was focused only on the look of an individual and I apologize if this offends anyone. Happy Training!

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