Hi all,

I see that a couple of you have mentioned playing Zombies, Run! but I didn't see anyone mention the upcoming 5k update.

Currently, when I play Zombies, Run! I play for about 40 minutes and my heart rate stays about 70% of max. However, the 3 times the zoms chase me, my heart-rate gets up to 80%. I figure I'm still being primal, since that only takes place 3 times, for about 1 minute each.

However, the developers of Zombies, Run! are working on a couch to 5k version and I suspect they will have lots more zombie chases/sprinting for those.

I'm so loving this game. After about 20 years of trying different exercise programs, this is the first one that has me eager to get up at 5:30 am and go! So, I'd like to do the couch potato to 5k version, once it comes out...but I'm worried it might count as chronic cardio.

What say you?