I didn't really cook before Primal. I cook a lot better now. In the process, I feel like I've become some kind of home-ec queen of sorts, or at least I do a little more toward that every day. For example:

- Make bone broth or anything that will result in a layer of fat in the fridge. Skim off fat and save for cooking.
- Make bone broth and save the bits of meat to make other things. Examples: the bits of meat on pig's tails and feet, the bits on soup bones--makes great burrito meat.
- Cook whole chickens so I can have ready-to-use leftovers. We only ever have the legs and wings when the bird is right out of the oven anymore.
- I tend now to scan what we have for odds and ends to go with dinner. Example: some garden tomatoes were getting a little iffy, no good fresh anymore, so I cut them in half and baked them with olive oil, pesto and cheese and that was our vegetable side with dinner.
- I save the olive oil that comes with the sundried tomatoes and use it for salads. I'm now wondering what you can do with the juice that comes with olives or jalapenos.

I'd be interested in other ideas you might have. Have you become more like a Depression-era saver and user, a home-economics person? Got any ideas to share? I'd even like to hear some cleaning ideas even though I don't do a lot of cleaning (I'm a slob in that department.)