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Thread: Is sugar really that bad for you?

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    Is sugar really that bad for you?

    So i was thinking. Sucrose is a natural product. All it is, is a disaccharide of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose. A basically 50:50 split of glucose and fructose. Glucose is perfectly natural and is used for energy easily by the body. Fructose on the other hand must be directed to the liver, and is fine in smaller amounts, but is said to become problematic when you take too much (it is estimated up to 50g a day is completely safe).

    So my quesion is, why is sugar said to be so bad for you, when all it is, is glucose and fructose? Is it because of the fructose component? Because in that case you would need to have over 100g of sugar to reach 50 grams of fructose. If it is unhealthy becuase of it's effect on insulin, sucrose has a gi of 64, which is not bad by any means. Does anybody have any ideas as to why it's so bad? I know mark sisson has a post on sugars but it doesn't really explain WHY sugar is bad.

    (all this being said, i never actually eat sugar, i am just curious to know why it's so slated in the health community).
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