I think a great deal of us have managed to 'Eat What Grok Ate,' doing our best to fit this in around our lives after
all good living is what this is all about.

But, How did Grok Eat?

After thinking that i should make some Pate to increase my liver intake, it got me thinking would Grok of killed an animal and only ate part of the liver and saved some for the next few days? i think not i suspect Grok would of consumed which ever part he felt was more nutritious and then continue to consume that kill until he could not eat any longer. At which point Grok probably fell into a nice deep sleep.

i can not see Grok eating 3 meals a day, Grazing perhaps with a big meal coming once a kill is returned to camp.
Grok may of even had some calories prepared to take with him on his hunt as well as stumbling across the odd fruit tree or similar.

We can all agree that when a kill was made and food was available the kill was consumed until either Grok could no longer eat or all edible parts of the animal were consumed.

Which makes me wonder, how often would Grok of aimed to Hunt & Kill? How did Grok graze?