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Thread: Is this normal for a typical day of primal eating?

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    Is this normal for a typical day of primal eating?

    Hey guys,

    so I am feeling better eating primal, cheating is less tempting, food tastes better and I am craving carbs and sweets less. All that is good... but I am wondering about whether I'm eating too much or too little, it's so hard to tell because I have some stomach issues and they often mislead me into thinking I'm hungry when in fact I am full (which results in me feeling sick after overeating).

    So, this is a typical day for me:

    Breakfast - coconut milk shake (1 cup Silk "True Coconut" drink, scoop of whey isolate, tbsp. cocoa powder, tsp. raw honey, vanilla extract) --> this is a usual thing because I often don't have a lot of time

    Then some pu-erh or mate tea (I can't drink coffee more than once a week) and a couple of squares (20g?) or 75-85% chocolate.

    Lunch - can of tuna with mayo and celery, 1/2 an avocado OR 2 eggs and some bacon or gluten and nitrite free roast beef (smaller serving because of high sodium)

    Again, tea (white or mate) and a couple of pieces of chocolate. Sorry... that's my weakness it's less than 6g of carbs per serving and so good!

    *sometimes I have some nuts in between here or a piece of cheese

    Dinner - chicken salad (olive oil mayo, apple cider vinegar, a bit of raw honey, chicken thighs), sauteed veggies with butter, garlic and a bit of parmesan OR a couple of chicken thighs (skin off) either in a stew like the PB cookbook fennel stew and 1/2 an avocado again or mashed cauliflower.

    *often I will have an after dinner snack in the form of an apple and some nuts (about 1/4 cup)

    Does that sound normal or is that too much?

    Thanks in advance!!! I feel bad too cause I had a long weekend away and a couple of days of straight work and no time to work out... gotta get back on that cause my usual is 4-5 days/week.
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