So here I am with 3 weeks into PB living. So far so good.

About me: Age 42 (as of last week), wife, mom of 2 teen boys, height 5'6". Weight and fitness level have been up and down pretty much all of my adult life. Currently doing pretty good and getting better. Was 125 lb when I went off to basic officer training at age 17, actually gained 12 lbs in 7 weeks...lots of physical exertion, stress, little sleep, minimal time to gulp down as much food as we could fit in, and so on. Then off to 4 years of university, where I found myself hovering in the high 130s, depending on how much exercising/partying I was doing. Gained maybe 10 more first year working. Discovered weight training, got pretty lean, lost some fat. Started dating current hubby, cooked a lot together, got married, continued to enjoy lots of good food and libations, exercising off and on. Once did a trial of 4 months meatless because it was "healthier"...intense beef cravings. Never trying that again! Fast forward to early 30s...2 young kids, continued shiftwork, more sporadic exercise, trying to eat healthy a la CW, weight 185 lb. Started Tae Kwon Do with 5 year old son, and headed to weight watchers and running. Lost 40 lb, gained some, lost some, ran 2 half marathons. Weight continued up and (less often) down until a year ago, hitting 164 last Jan after indulging and being lazy after a tour in Afghanistan (I'm a nurse). Decided enough was enough. Hit the gym, more "healthy" low fat, high carb eating. Discovered IF, and was starting to see benefits. Knee surgery (meniscus tear) a year ago, continued CW "healthy" eating (plus high fat snacks...), and although post op recovery was good, it was a while to get back into heavy workouts. Did a 3 month program Sep-Dec of an intense bodyweight program, with great results in strength, flexibility, and fat loss. 133 lbs (approx 18%BF) heading off to a holiday cruise. Returned a few pounds up...but had picked up the PB book while away, having poked around MDA for a bit. Then ended up deployed in Haiti for 6 weeks, minimal workout opportunities and only rations for eating (oh yea, lots of highly processed carbs). Got home, read PB, and got onboard.

Progress so far: Eliminated grains, starchy carbs, lots (but not all) dairy, decreased fruit. Working out. Hubby on board, eating what I give him, hasn't had time to read the PB book yet, so not sure about all the fats (he's on lipitor for mildly elevated cholesterol and strong family history of cardiac disease). He's lost 10 lbs, compared to my 3 lb loss. Slower than I had hoped, but think I've figured out what I need to do. Started back with IF last week once, IF yesterday, and planned for tomorrow. Need to decrease the amount of nuts, cheese, fruit to only 1 serving per day max, and most importantly...decrease the wine!! Not unusual to have 2 glasses per night, more on weekends. That or amber rum, though I've started finding my usual rum & diet coke (the only soda I have) is tasting overly sweet. Weight currently 138. I know that probably sounds good for some of you, but puts me at still 19% BF, and I have long dreamed of sub 15% BF...see the hints of the 6 pack hidden in there, but want to be lean and athletic! Definitely seeing some more definition lately, the belly "pooch" seems to be more loose skin (if I'm not bloated!), so can only assume this means some fat loss underneath. Most certainly I can get where I want to be, in time. Finding myself generally more satisfied on the higher fat (typically F/P/C around 60/25/15 or so).

I have a long list of goals for the next months, but will save that for another post.

I see lots of encouragement and great stories on this forum, so welcome your thoughts.