I am sensitive to carbs. Started in my early 20's and has really gotten worse over the past 15 years

At first it was just bloat and gas when eating grains. No bathroom issues or pain but I can easily gain 10 lbs eating a SAD diet in a weekend and then lose it just as fast

I'll cut out all carbs like dairy, fruit, grains sugar exc... And feel amazing but so limited that I add them back in and feel terrible

I used to feel okay with fruit and dairy, almonds but lately even one plum makes me feel terrible. My body feels like my blood sugar dropping. I get really bad stomach pains, bathroom blowups, bloat. The pain is just terrible

And seems to be getting worse and worse

Can that happen? The more an longer I cut things out, the more sensitive I become to them

I feel amazing eating vegetables, fats and proteins. I eat meats fish exc... But mentally I feel so limited without any fruit dairy... Even though they make me feel so bad

And I'm worried if their would be long term affects on my hormones and thyroid being so low carb long term

Anyone else in the same place?