I am leaving for a 4 months trip to France and the UK and who knows where else in Europe in a week. Any tips for being primal while I am there? That said I know I wont be a 100% primal as I will be working at a cooking school in the Loire Valley and stuff like pastry and bread making, cooking with veggie oils etc will be involved but if I can make as many primal choices as I can that would be nice. Being just turned 21 and with no major health issues I think the stress of trying to be 100% or even 90% primal is not worth it. I know I will have kitchen access for cooking though I don't know how many of my meals I will be creating. I assume every other week when I have off I will be mostly on my own as far as meals go. So if anyone have some tips or things to definitely try let me know. Also can someone tell me what exactly is in a French traditional breakfast? (bread and croissants? )