Hello There

I'm new around here and about to embark on a mission to embrace more fat, lower my protein and ultimately , find my weight loss "Sweet Spot". I'll be honest.I'm fairly "brain damaged" due to years of body building trainers/diets. Some of it worked but most didn't. I had success with Paleo the first go around and believe I can find success again with a Paleo/Primal lifestyle. It's not going to be a diet....it will be a lifestyle.


aprox 19/20% BF

Goals..14/16% BF and around 140-145lbs


Heavy weight lifting 3x a week
Combat/CF 1x
walking 3-4 miles a few times a week
Sprint intervals/HIIT 2x a week

My issue? I'm TOO much in my head about weight loss. I fear fat(even after reading all the books, blogs, podcasts) and eat WAY too much protein to find Ketosis.

My current daily diet is-

Meal 1 Coffee/tea black
Roasted veggies, 100 grams(few oz) lean protein like chicken/fish
1-2 tbl EVOO

Snack 1/2 serving protein powder-Vega One, 1 scoop greens powder mixed in water
5-8 almonds
Sugar free gum-yes I know this must go!

Meal 2 tea/water
2-3 cups spinach/kale
100 grams lean protein
1-2 Tbl EVOO
small apple

Snack 1 full serving Vega One plant protein power
1 scoop powdered greens
5-8 almonds

Meal 3
Roasted Veggies
100gram protein

You get the pic...allot of protein, modest fat and low carb.I'm GOING to have to radically change this up in order to get to ketosis. The HOW is my issue. I'm used to havng a meal plan and following it...now it's up to me and perhaps your help?

I welcome any suggestions on what might help me drop the final 10-15 lbs without losing a ton of muscle and keeping my sanity.

Note* I do not crave any wheat, rice, sweet potato or dairy
I DO have a huge craving for sweets and indulge in a cheat meal once a week.