All, I have been Primal now for almost 1 year, Sept 5 will be my Primal Birthday, as of today I have dropped 94 lbs. I have gone from 370 to 276. I am a Type two diabetic. Unlike a lot of Type II’s who have gone Primal, I have not been “Cured” of my diabetes, in fact, I have gotten worse. A year ago, I was on insulin. It was the insulin that helped take me up to 370. After reading Mark’s book, I decided to take myself off of insulin, staying on the oral medications that I was taking. My morning fasting blood sugars have been steadily creeping up over the year and lately they have been in the mid 200’s.

I have been considering going back on insulin. Armed with the food knowledge I have gained from being Primal , I am sure I can keep the weight gain at bay. I mentioned going back on insulin two weeks ago on another thread when someone mentioned to me to check out the Blood Sugar Solution book by Dr. Hyman. Dr. Hyman has a six week plan to “cure” you of Type II diabetes. I though what the hay and bought the book on my nook. Dr. Hyman’s Solution is basically Whole 30 with a bunch of supplements. Since it is six weeks, we will call it Whole 42….. He does allow Legumes, but no fruit. His program is pretty much Paleo, but he is not pushing fats.

I decided to follow it, keeping the eating Primal, but no fruit. It is a butt load of supplements, takes three mouthfuls to get em all down. I am tracking the whole N = 1 experiment in my journal (see the link below if you want to follow along).

I am cautiously optimistic at this point. I am on day three, here are my fasting blood sugars.

Day 1 = 264
Day 2 = 204
Day 3 = 184

Going the right direction quickly. I really hope this is it…. I don’t remember who told me about the book, but drop me a PM so I can thank you and give you credit.