Hello all on the forum - this is my attempt to be honest abut what I do eat and how much exercise I do. I started my journey about 2 days ago, so this will cover both days. Any feed back will be great.

Here's a bit about me: My current weight is 65kg, height 163cm. My build is closer to the mesomorph type than others and I can put muscle on very easily. My sports are climbing and biking (both road and cycling) and at least 2 weight sessions at the gym each week. The current programme is super sets.

My goals are to loose a bit of the belly fat that I seem to have accumulated and have a bit more energy for climbing.

Day 1: Food
bowl of fruit salad (not exactly paleo but it needed to be used up)
Left over roast chicken

some grapes and a nut bar (with sugary stuff in it)

chicken and prawn vietnamese salad
2 slices of 70% chocolate
1 orange

climbing session (about 3 hours)

Day 2: Food

So today was a rest day after a pretty intense weekend and here is what I ate:

2 scrambled eggs
2/3 punnet of pancetta (salty I know but hey)

Left over chicken and prawn vietnamese salad (incl beansprouts, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, lime juice, fish sauce and chilli)

leftover roast chicken and home made gravy

dinner (ate out with a friend which was pre-arranged ages ago)
cajun chicken greek salad (left the cheese)

1/2 a fruit crumble - which i tried to scrape the crumble off of the fruit and picked at to keep my friend company while she ate her pudding
1 glass of red wine.

2. Exercise
Very, very little as letting legs recover from 40k MTB ride on saturday and a shorter ride on Sunday.