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Thread: Fat + Carb Binge on day 5! Please help

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    4.5 days is not very long and I imagine your system is still settling in to the new way of eating. It can take a week or two to switch from primarily burning carbs to burning fat so your body may just be adjusting.

    Also, I find I need to wait half an hour after finishing a meal to feel full, so see if you can pause for half an hour before eating more. It might just be enough to stave off a binge.

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    As my grandad would say "That'll learn ya"

    And I've found that my calorie needs are lower on PB than they were on CW. Before starting PB I would've told you I needed 2200-2300 calories a day. Since PB I've found that my average "listening to my body" intake is closer to 1300-1500

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    I did all sorts of things like that when I first started. You'll get the hang of it & no longer crave those things. Now when I mess up, it's a smaller & smaller thing because it just doesn't taste good/I know I'll pay for it later. I don't even like regular dark chocolate any more; I only like the 70%+ stuff. Sugar just isn't tasty.

    Hang in there - the first month or so is tough, but you'll adjust.
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    Thanks so much for the responses, everyone. Very, very helpful.

    What's so weird right now is my mouth tastes like i'm in ketosis. When I had a million carbs last night? Makes no sense!

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