I've been trying to eat very low-carb for the past few days because I don't have a massive amount of weight to lose, so I find that weight loss tends to be a bit more stubborn. I'm a female in my teens, about 6'0 tall and around 178 lbs. I'd like to lose about 20 lbs. I have a lean upper body, but my butt and thighs are pretty curvy (I'm a size 10-12).

For breakfast and lunch, I tend to be disciplined and don't crave sweets. But after dinner, regardless of HOW MUCH I eat (e.g. 2 grass-fed beef patties, lots of broccoli and brussel sprouts sauteed in butter), I always CRAVE something sweet. So on top of that pretty substantial dinner, I had a few handfuls of almonds, a few glasses of milk, 1/3 bar of dark chocolate, and a banana. Nothing explicitly UN-paleo (except for the dairy), but it's just SO MUCH FOOD. I just have a crazy desire to eat something on top of a massive dinner, especially something sweet. (And fruit just packs on weight for me!)

It's pretty important for me to remain in ketosis because these 20 lbs will pretty much fight tooth and nail to cling on. Did you experience something similar after eating especially low-carb? How do you combat the desire to eat something else? Is this a sign that I should really just eliminate sugar for good, so I can overcome the addiction?

Thanks so much! It's so valuable to hear the opinions of my fellow Primal veterans.