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Thread: EAT MOAR FAT! I'm finally GETTING it.

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    EAT MOAR FAT! I'm finally GETTING it.

    This post is inspired by a new forum member named Barbara who PMed me asking my advice about her weight loss situation. I was about to direct her to my two mega threads about calorie counting

    when I realized that my thinking has really moved on from there recently with my experiments in nutritional ketosis.

    When I first wanted to lose weight, before finding PB, I just "went low carb" and lost the first 30 easily. Then came The Dreaded Stall.
    I found PB and was delighted with the whole concept. But then I became one of those fresh faced newbies with the "Why am I not losing weight?" questions. Great food but they scale wasn't moving.

    The answer I kept getting over and over again was a resounding, "EAT MOAR FAT!" So I did. And gained weight.

    Looking back, I see that this experience caused me to reject the whole high fat paradigm and embrace calorie counting instead. And that worked. I lost another 35 pounds and reached my goals.

    Now, at a stable good weight I'm trying deep nutritional ketosis for the control of my seizures with less medication.
    Details for those who are interested :

    I'm now finally "getting" what the forum pundits were saying about "EAT MOAR FAT!". They were right except that was a simplistic way to put it. If they had said, "Eat a higher proportion of your calories as fat while keeping your protein moderate and your carbs low AND your total calorie intake in check", that would have been perfect.

    But everyone kept telling me that calories didn't matter and that my body would just wonderfully "know" when to stop eating and that I should just "listen" to my body. Um, my body had just recovered from cancer and chemo at the time. It was too confused to be "telling" me anything that made sense.

    Note to newbies: Read the book first.

    So I dialed back the fat, reduced calories and powered through on lean protein, lots of it. And it worked. So I'm not knocking that approach.

    I just can't tell you how much better I feel, however, while in deep ketosis. I feel like leaping tall buildings.

    So, no, I am not saying that calorie counting should be tossed. Just that the two approaches, the "EAT MOAR FAT!" Camp and the "Calories Count so Count Your Calories Camp" need to be synthesized into one. Ketosis is the key that brings them together.

    No, you can't eat unlimited quantities of food, regardless of macros, and expect to lose weight. Reality doesn't work that way. But eating ketogenic macros consistently over time makes it soooo much easier to limit portion sizes. I have to really push myself to make sure to eat enough so as not to lose too much more.

    I think where a lot of Primals go wrong is in embracing all those yummy primal meats so much that we overdo the protein portion of the equation and thereby knock ourselves out of ketosis. Then, still trying to hold down the carbs, we get stuck in what Dr. Peter Attia of The Eating Academy calls the "Zone of Misery", not enough carbs to run on glucose but too much protein to allow for efficient metabolism of fat. Stuck in the middle and generally feeling like crap.

    It seems to me that many people who say, "I can't do low carbs. I tried it and felt awful" perhaps could have gotten out of that Zone of Misery by dialing back the protein a bit. Maybe a filet mignon instead of a porterhouse for dinner.

    So, to Barbara and anyone else who wants to know "what works for weight loss", the answer is , "a lot of things can work including the lean protein, limited calorie approach that I took". If the question is what works while making you feel invincible, the answer is ketosis.
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