Well - here it goes I suppose.

I started my "30 Days of Primal Living Kick Off Spectacular" last Monday, August 20, 2012. The weekend prior was a beer festival in Saratoga, WY, and I didn't want to either cheat that much or deprive myself, so I chose to start on the Monday after - figuring the detoxifying effects would be a bonus. What's funny to me, it apparently my brain was ready for this change before I thought the rest of me was. That whole weekend, except for the beer fest, I was definitely on that primal thread: eating primally, moving a lot, even helping take down camp which I almost never do.

So now I start my official 30 Days of Living Primally. And I felt it only proper to set out my measurements, goals, hopes, dreams, etc before I get moving. Partially to keep me accountable, partially because I'm a glutton for punishment...

My initial measurements (much to my dismay) are:

Upper arm - 16"
Bust - 44.5"
Under Bust - 37.5"
Belly - 47.5"
Hips - 51"
Thigh - 30.5"
Upper Calf - 18.5"

Weight - 230.4 (at 5'5")

Blood glucose - 108
Cholesterol - 208
Triglyceride - 72
HDL - 56
Cholesterol (non-HDL) - 152
LDL - 138

Not good. Not good at all...

My motivators (because losing weight is a result, not a motivation):

- Enjoy the outdoors where I live more by being able to participate in the huge variety of physical activities the Colorado mountains foster without feeling like I am going to die
- Be able to buy the cute clothes I want, instead of the okay clothes I can fit into
- Keep up with my siblings and nieces - all of whom are far fitter than I am
- Like the way that I look in the mirror, because even on my good days now, I'm not delighted
- My boyfriend always tells me how sexy I am. So I want to feel the way he sees me
- Shake off - or at least reduce the effects of - the health problems that have plagued me (asthma, joint pain, depression, anxiety etc). Since I had a pulmonary embolism when I was 28, and my gallbladder removed when I was 23, I'm tired of the health problems

Honestly, how I look is a big part of it. Although never an athlete, I was able to keep the weight off until high school, when it just kept creeping on. I lost a fair amount after college when I got a job at a brewery that saw me hauling kegs, walking 4+ miles a day, working out after work, and cooking for myself (which mostly meant small, reasonable meals). As soon as I got a desk job... well... it's the same ol' same ol'

I just turned 30, and I'm tired of this. I'm setting two sets of goals: initial, small goals and overarching goals.

Initial goals:

- Hit 199 pounds before Thanksgiving, when I see my entire family for the first time since my birthday in July
- Fit in to the cute wide legged trousers I bought last year when I told myself I wouldn't get any bigger (yep - that was successful)
- Be able to walk the mile around our block without using my inhaler
- Be active for at least 3 hours a week
- Lift heavy things for at least 20 minutes a week
- Walk twice as much at work (I work in a massive building)

Overarching goals:

- Have sexy, sculpted arms and calves
- Be able to go backpacking to the Ice Lakes in Southwestern Colorado (a dream of mine)
- Be able to fit comfortably in our deck chairs
- Wear a single-digit pants size (which I haven't done since Junior High!)
- Be able to bike this particular six mile singletrack near my house in less than three hours
- Be active more than I watch TV
- Go swimming without being horrified
- Have more energy overall (i.e. not feeling like if I don't sleep for 12 hours, I'm going to die)
- Be able to eat when I want, not when my body screams at me that I have to eat or black out
- Improve all of my "numbers"
- Goal measurements:

Upper arm - 12"
Bust - 44.5"
Under Bust - 32"
Belly - 28"
Hips - 40"
Thigh - 26"
Upper Calf - 16"

Weight - 125-145 (at 5'5")

Some of the ways I plan on getting there:

- I work in a massive building, so walking to the bathroom farthest from my office, and delivering information in person, rather than by phone or email will make a dent
- Walk every day at my breaks and/or lunch
- Take an evening walk (while the weather supports it) with the boyfriend
- Use the gym at work
- Planning out meals in advance so that we are never "stuck" being too tired to eat well
- Getting my food from local markets as much as possible, instead of whatever is cheapest
- Drinking beer sparingly

Some of my tangible rewards to keep me going:

- Every 15 pounds I lose after I hit the 100s, I am getting a massage
- When I get to 199, I get to buy some new clothes
- At 150, we are going to take a trip to Strawberry Hot Springs

Things I am excited about:

- Cooking really awesome, innovative meals with seriously awesome ingredients
- Trying new foods
- Waking up refreshed, not exhausted
- Seeing the look on my doctor's face
- Feeling beautiful
- Living life to the fullest

Things I am anxious about:

- Exercising (I really, really, really hate it and I am super lazy)
- Organ meat
- Not being able to imbibe in the item I am so passionate about: craft beer
- Failing

So, I guess that's it. I will try to check in whenever possible. I told myself that I wasn't going to weigh myself until the end - but I already have. Just to keep things consistant, I'm going to talk about that in a separate post. But I feel this sets things up nicely, and gives me something to come back to.