I have been fiddeling with Primal for months, but now it is time to do some serious tracking. Why? Because I just went on a two-week camping trip full of PASTA and SANDWICHES and SMORES and BEER and I have both regained all the very little bit of weight I lost and feel disgusting. As in coldsore-bloated-hairfallingout-vitiligo-weakminded-depression disgusting.

And also I am very bad at journaling. Don't like it. But on my 10-h drive home yesterday I came up with something that might keep me motivated better than writing down all I ate to then beat myself over the head with it. I will write down all the bad things I DIDN'T EAT. Yes. Not, obviously, all the snickers in the world, but the one I was staring at in the check-out line, the one I already felt in my hand and pictured the moment I would get rid of the kids so I could gobble it down. That one will be journaled, and then I can say, hello fabulous self, you saved yourself 5000 calories of crap over the last month, and well done.

Basic Info on me: 38, 5'8, after-camping weight bloody well 155 lb, two preschoolers (count that as excercise if you will), STHP. History of light depression and CW eating, lbs have been creeping up over the last 8 years. I used to be a slim 140 and would like to get back there. However, more than anything I want to feel good again. Not like a greasy sod.

I very much agree with not eating sugars and processed foods and legumes and instead eating grass fed meat, eggs, veggies, dairy and fruit. Lately I have become suspicious that either I have a small problem agreeing on weeding out all grain OR I am more wheat addicted than I'm aware of. I seem to keep sliding back on the baked stuff, justifying it with 'this little bit can not possibly be so very bad' or some mental version of it. It doesn't help that DH is very unsympathetic and constantly saying primal is BS. Well. You will helpfully point out that I am my own person and can do what I want, and so there! You are right and journaling will sort it all out. So here we go.