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Thread: Childhood silverware

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    Childhood silverware

    I'm eating off a spoon I've had since I was six years old. Moved 15 or 16 times, left home, came back, moved out again, parents constantly going through kitchenware like chaff. But I was able to rescue this spoon and a few other relics. Does anybody else have objects like this?
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    As a matter of fact I do.

    My grandparents gave each of us a china place setting, which I still have the cup and saucer from - the rest didn't make it.
    They also gave us a place setting of silver ware, and one of stainless cutlery. I still have those and frequently use the stainless.

    What's also interesting to me is that I also have some of the cutlery we used when I was growing up, and when I am eating stews, or things that require a spoon that is the one I go for. I think it is the way it feels in my mouth - size and shape and the amount of sauce or soup it holds? Maybe you have the same kind of connection between your mouth and the memories you generated with it along the way.
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    Yes. But not as extreme. I have a few bowls and couple cast-iron pans salvaged from my grandparents' old stuff that I've been using since the start of my college years. So like 7 years or so.

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    I have a little 3-part Jesus-loves-me plate that I've had since I was probably 3 or do.
    Also, my silver rattle and cup..

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    My husband has a hairbrush shaped like a baseball bat. He remembers when he got it for Christmas - it's 42 yrs old and he's used it every day, all those years. It looks amazing, considering its age.
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    My boy eats his pudding out a bowl with rabbits on the outside that I used when I was a baby.
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    I have a piggy bank that I've had my entire life. It still has some of the original pennies in it, too.
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    I have my father's cast iron skillet from when I was a kid and a pizza pan that's older than I am. The pizza pan has a point in the middle from so many years of being sliced on, as well as cutting grooves that make it effectively nonstick. My father made me a cutting board when I moved out (tiny 6*12 thing), still use that as a cheeseboard.
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    Oooooh! One example - mine are wearing a t-shirt my mom saved from my young kid years... it is blue, and has a pic of Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson on the front (the Hardy Boys!!) and my name in poofy faux-felt letters on the back. We got that one day at a shopping mall. I LOVED that shirt for lots of reasons, partly my love of Shawn Cassidy at that point, but also because my parents were poor as church mice and actually bought me something at the mall and not from a yard sale or Goodwill or such. (The mall was our free a/c during heat waves in TX because we had none at home...)

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    I have an afghan my grandmother knitted for me, for my 13th birthday. I'm 55 now. Although I've washed it many times over the years, when I tuck it up under my chin, I can still smell the lavender hand lotion my grandmother always used.

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