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Thread: Childhood silverware

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    I did and do
    a fork which was finally tossed after 20 years in the great spiritual purge of 2011
    a spatula which remains melty handle and all.

    I have my wedding quilt, oddly enough we never really bonded with it. So i didnt feel odd keeping it.

    I have a Pentel 0.5 mechanical pencil from high school as well as a TI-60 programmable calculator and the Casio fx-115s that was purchased to replace it after someone stole it
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    An antique child size rocking chair that was my favorite thing ever as a little girl. It was actually my mother's when she was a child too. I have strictly forbidden my mother from ever letting that leave her house. I live in a different state, but when I'm fortunate to have a little one of my own, he/she will bet getting it.

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    I have a painting that I remember my Mom creating when I was a wee one. It's a winter scene from a Metro park we often went to.

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    I have 6 little silver pudding spoons from my Grandmother's collection. She used to make the best vanilla icecream which we would eat with the spoons. I always use them, and it makes pudding just a little bit special each time. My husband hates them because they are so dainty - I think he's mad!

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