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Thread: 5/3/1 Noob

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    5/3/1 Noob

    Ok, so for the next 4 months I have planned on switching up my routine and giving 531 a try. I have all my workouts planned out with the various percentages and rep schema. I have been doing RPT style training since the beginning of the year and figured I would keep it interesting by trying a new technique.

    Current lifts at (age 38, weight 182 approx 10% BF):
    Press - 151
    Bench - 244
    Squat -327
    DL - 405

    So the goal with 4 months of 5/3/1 would be :
    Press - 171
    Bench - 264
    Squat -367
    DL - 445

    Have others seen this type of improvement or is this a little over zealous? I know the press will be the weak link and adding 20 pounds probably wont happen.
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