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Thread: Carb consumption

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    Carb consumption

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    I am a 46 yr old female that has a fairly extensive workout background. I have decided to get leaner and read the 21 day blueprint book. Very good information and i have calulated by my weight that i should consume 5.5 oz. of carbs a day on workout day. I am finding that very hard to do with only consuming complex carbs. Can you help me figure out a way to consume that amount of complex carbs, giving a cup of spinach is only .03oz of carbs and a cup of green beans only have .31 oz of carbs per add up to 5.5oz is a heck of a lot of food! I have been consuming refined carbs i.g. flour tortillas, grits, crackers that are higher on the carb chart but are not primal. Am i stalling my results? If so, how do i get what i need from primal carbs?

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    It's easiest to punch your foods into a tool like fitday and let it do the calculations for you.

    Most of these tools use grams instead of ounces. 5.5 oz. would be about 150 g. That shouldn't be too difficult to reach if you include some fruit and a small serving or so of starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squashes, etc.

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    eat starchy primal carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash to get your required carb needs

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