39 y old female weigh 133 lbs now height is 5-2'' , started Primal eating in April ,2012 was off grains prior to that for about two yrs . I did HCG two rounds lost 4-6 lbs on each and gained back so I really didnt lose much.
In april I lost 6 lbs last weigh in was 128 after 3 weeks of going primal and also the inches were lost I was so happy and felt so good.But For the past 3 n half months I am BACK TO 133-134 LBS RANGE its so frustating I am not seeing any inch loss either.

I am eating exactly what I was eating before. I did quit dairy 1 month ago to see if that was the culprit but not seeing any wt loss at all . WHat am I doing wrong? please help

usual foods :

Breakfast 2 eggs fried with CO + 1 /2 avocado and coffee with creamer and stevia do it around 8-9 am .

lunch : Avocado 1/2 , baked or grilled chicken / tilapia and salad no dressing.

snacks : some blueberries or orange or rarely an apple or banana. fruit mostly 2-3 times a week.

Dinner : usually steak and salad. I use butter and coconut oil all the time EVOO in regular cooking.

I do eat sweet potato once in a while and some dark chocolate small amount not much , drink plenty of water and caffiene is limied to one to 2 cups a day...

please help ....why am not seeing any wt loss ....any suggestions are welcomed...BTW I am not hungry and sleep okay.