Last week I listened to a captivating episode of Radiolab (same topic was also on This American Life) about how Jasper Lawrence went to Cameroon (since he couldn't find a single lab that would sell them to him) to infect himself with hookworm - which immediately cured his horrendous allergies. He then formed a company called AutoImmune Therapies that sells sterilized hookworms so that people can infect themselves.

My husband and I have been obsessively reading scientific papers and articles about the Hygiene Hypothesis and about using helminths to treat autoimmune issues, and I have to say that once we were able to get over the yuck factor of microscopic worms (afterall, probiotics are buggies, too), we are both revving up to give it a try.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

Some links if you're interesting in learning more:

Sculptors of Monumental Narrative - Radiolab

Worm therapy (more correctly helminthic therapy) is an immunotherapy based on nature's most powerful probiotics: Hookworm and whipworm balances the immune system and quells inflammation naturally. Autoimmune Therapies was founded by Jasper Lawrence a

Even Mercola chimed in pro-parasite:

How Parasites Can Trick Your Immune System into Health