Allright - time for some evaluation. I've been doing LeanGains since July 16th which makes this my 44th day. I am not really seeing the results I would have expected after a month and a half. I'm not talking about the scale (since that really isn't a good indicator of progress), but I would have thought there would have been some slimming/fat loss, clothes fitting loser, etc. My goal is not to 'lose weight' as much as losing fat and gaining muscle. I haven't gained any weight at all since the scale hasn't moved during this time. Bear in mind I am trying to be realistic so I wasn't expecting the dramatic transformations I have seen in others since I do have a layer of abdominal fat to lose. Here's my routine (35 yo male, 216, 6'2", otherwise lean except for belly fat, as in 36"-38" waist):

MWF: workout days. 2500 cals (212 protein, 353 carbs, 34 g fat, -5% TDEE) I usually do not reach that level of carbs, it generally comes in around 200 grams. Fat varies a bit, but rarely goes over 50g. Here's my workout: Five rounds of 3x5 chins, 20 dive-bomber pushups, 3x5 squats (on an actual squat rack...I switched gyms), 20 pushups. This is adapted CrossFit WOD that I really enjoy and kicks my ass. Takes about 40 mins and I'm done.

TTSS: Rest days. 1896 cals (212 protein, 30 carbs, 105 fat, -30% TDEE). I usually hit the macros, but depending how long I fast I may not. If I am not hungry my fast might go for 20 hours which leaves only a four-hour eating window. It's hard to get 2K cals in 4 hours! I will drink on Saturday and Sunday, those days I am conscience of fat intake. I mainly focus on clear liquors with things like club soda as a mixer, but the past few weeks have been having beer.

So, that's it. Any tips and/or tricks, or am I just impatient and need to give it another few months? Thanks to all!