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Thread: Any advice?

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    From what I remember reading the best way to lose small to moderate amounts of loose skin is to drop your body fat in to the single digits.

    Basically, skin is constantly being replaced and will adjust. The issue is that layer of fat just under the skin. This fat is the type of fat is the stuff that is hard to lose. If you can lose that fat your skin will adjust.

    Found it, here is Mark's article on it.
    How to Get Rid of Excess Loose Skin After Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple


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    Ok. To answer the comments, yes I have been lifting heavy things but no, I haven't been sprinting. I've read Mark's article (thanks Bob) and I'm now pretty sure I'm looking at a layer of residual subcutaneous fat. As I said at the beginning, I don't think I'm quite "there" yet and can still improve my strength and trim off fat so I'll carry on the way I have been, eating lots of Fat, plenty of Protein and few Carbs, Lift heavy things and try to find a way to sprint. I've started IF two weeks ago, and it's got me over a plateau, so I'll carry on with that.
    Thank you all for your help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crofter View Post
    My question is, does the loose skin left by the weight loss eventually go away/tighten?
    Great question Dave.

    And, thanks for the thoughts folks. I've lost 38lbs since March and by the feel of the blubber left around my torso, I reckon I've got at least that amount of fat to go. Hopefully the strength training and HIT rowing will help stop loose skin being a problem. At 5'11" my target is to be under 182lbs (from 240lbs) by Christmas. Not so worried about the exact final weight by next February as long as I feel/look right.
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    my skin is shrinking as i go, however i keep taking sulphur

    it is pretty odd how little extra skin i have
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