So I was feeling sentimental and picked up my copy of my favorite childhood book--Little House in the Big Woods. I knew it had lots of info about traditional living (that's part of why I always loved it), but I hadn't looked at it again since I became primal. Anyways, just within the first 20 pages is a goldmine of awesome primal stuff! For instance:

Talking of butchering a deer, salting all the cuts of meat to keep throughout the winter. They also had a hollowed-out tree in the yard, which they hung the salted meat in. Then they lit a smoldering fire with hickory chips in the log to smoke the meat for days.

They butcher their own pig, and the book talks about how they use every part of it:
"There were hams and shoulders, side-meat and spare ribs and belly.There was the heart and the liver and the tongue, and the head to be made into headcheese, and the dish-pan full of bits to be made into sausage."
The girls also play with the hog's bladder--their father blows it up into a balloon and ties it off, and they kick it around like a ball. There are also good details on making lard:
"Laura and Mary carried wood and watched the fire. It must be hot, but not too hot, or the lard would burn. The big pots simmered and boiled, but they must not smoke. From time to time Ma skimmed out the brown cracklings. She put them in a cloth and squeezed out every bit of lard, and then she put the cracklings away. She would use them to flavor johnny-cake later."

So anyways, I just thought it was really interesting, the amount of detail given. There is plenty more, about things like churning butter and the specifics of making headcheese and salting fish. Kinda cool, the info about keeping food without refrigeration. Almost makes me wanna sell my fridge or something