Hi everyone! My name is Jamie, I'm a 23 year-old actress living in Brooklyn, NY and I have decided to go primal.

I have quite a few reasons for going primal. I've struggled a lot with disordered eating. A couple years ago I was restricting a lot and overexercising, which then turned around and became a lot of bingeing and overeating, which I am still struggling with. I am also a total sugar addict - I could eat ice cream, cupcakes and cookies all day. I do love a lot of healthy foods as well, but we all know how sugar can get the best of us. I pay the bills by waiting tables, and audition when I can, so I'm quite active. I used to exercise daily (running, weight lifting), but I have fallen off that wagon for the past couple months. I find myself totally lethargic most of the time, both mentally and physically. I believe this can be remedied by a change in my diet. I also have PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, meaning I am already a bit insulin resistant - my love for sugar and carbs doesn't help me, obviously.

I currently fluctuate between 123 and 128-ish pounds and am 5'4". I would love to get down to 118-120ish, but the number is certainly less important to me than feeling leaner and having more energy. I have The Primal Blueprint and the 21-Day Total Body Transformation on my Kindle, and am looking forward to making a lifestyle change. I hope to be active on the board as I go forward on this journey!