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Thread: How much is too much? Nuts that is

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    How much is too much? Nuts that is

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    Right now I eat a lot of nuts, I am trying to gain lean muscle mass and find nuts are good cheap protein snacks.
    I have about:
    2 tbsp of almond butter in the morning
    must be 1-2 small handfuls for snacks in between classes
    1-2 tbsp of seeds in my afternoon salad
    sometimes 1/2 tbsp of almond butter at night

    Am I eating to many nuts/seeds?

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    I plateaued and then cut them out altogether ,,,,addictive for moi

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    I think the only issue with nuts are the carbs. If you are trying to gain weight, then you can increase your carb intake, and that can be with nuts if you like. I am trying to lose a little fat, so I eat only a few servings of nuts and fruit throughout the week.

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