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Thread: "Was ancient man a vegetarian?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndChance View Post
    Was ancient man a vegetarian?
    Yeah. That's why he had, and we have, a huge gut and a tiny brain just like a gorilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Marie View Post
    In a book I once read, by Gabriel Cousens - he talks about how bad meat is for us because it spikes blood sugar and is highly addictive. He gives an example of meat addiction with sheep that were on a ship and were fed meat when the natural food ran out. When they got on land and back in the grass, they still ate the meat.

    Gabriel Cousens is somewhat of a kook and always gave me a really bad vibe, but you asking about the horses eating meat reminded me of the above information that I found interesting.
    I've also heard that sleep is addictive too...Gosh, everything effects blood sugar...How on earth did Cousens find that out?
    cause we seem to eat everything, in every climate in all corners of the planet. Just the most successfull species because we can and do eat everything.

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