So, I spent the last week visiting my grandparents who are sufficiently indoctrinated to the CW ways of eating, to the point that when I even BRIEFLY mentioned my low-carb, primal diet with lots of IFing (they asked how I was so skinny and healthy looking) to them, they quickly reversed tact and told me that this kind of diet will kill me.

Determined to change my ways, they fed me one of the richest, carb/grain heavy diets I have ever eaten (even when I was still eating SADly). Of course, to refuse the food they were serving, to tell them the diet that got them both to 85 years of age is entirely unhealthy would have been rude, uncalled for, and only make me seem ungrateful their hospitality. However, for the first three days, the results were predictable. I gained weight, lots of water weight definitely, suffered from massive, MASSIVE bloating, and had to fight off the urge to take a LONG nap after every single meal.

About the fourth day there, I discovered, however, that they lived close to a Teavana. I love tea and have made it a regular part of my routine these days. My grandparents, however, are coffee drinkers (although I do enjoy the occassional cup of high quality joe). While at their place, I had no access to tea for the first few days, until I discovered the Teavana.

Now, as some of you may know already, Teavana offers a drink bar, where you can order any tea they have on display and they will make it for you. I used the opportunity to explore a wide range of black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh teas and yerba mate blends. I abused that bar and spent WAY too much money there.

Here's the kicker though. Upon reintroducing tea into my diet, without changing the other foods I was eating (didn't really have a choice anyway), my post-meal bloating dropped to almost zero, I never had the urge to take a nap, even after such heavy meals, and I lost the majority of the water weight I had put on.

I went from feeling like crap constantly, to feeling pretty dang good all the time. Not as if I was on my primal diet of course, but definitely a 200% improvement. All from ingesting a beverage made from the leaves of a plant (well, ok, two plants if you include the yerba mate) that is high in antioxidants. Each type of tea has slightly different benefits, so I was probably reaping the benefits of including so many different types of tea in my daily consumption of course, but this was an amazing turnaround that came almost overnight. All in all, I'd say this stuff is pretty dang amazing.

I'm not proselytizing here, but I'd say this is a pretty good indication that tea is a wonderful thing to include as a part of your daily routine.

Oh well, back to primal living!