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    Healthy pre-made soups?

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    Does anyone know of a healthy pre-made (canned) soup? Am I going to be banned from MDA for suggesting a canned food?

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    Sorry if this sounds sarcastic, but it's not: what's the reason for wanting canned? If it's time, make some soup one weekend in a huge batch, portion it in zip-top freezer bags (or tupperware, if you have a lot of them around) and freeze 'em. Then you just heat the portion(s) up when you want, just as you would the canned stuff.

    But, if you must...

    Amy's Organic soups are pretty good, and I believe they make primal-friendly ones. Their website is really good, showing all allergens and ingredients so you can make a good choice.
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    Seeing you can't even get a broth with under 5 ingredients and some sort of glutens, wheat and sugar in some form, I am very much doubting a canned soup is of any value.

    But if you want a soup quick out of the can, dump a can of salmon into a small pot of boiling water, add chopped bock choy stems, boil it a couple of min, add the green part in, spice to taste with red pepper flakes and salt, and enjoy your single serving of goodness. Replace bok choy with any other pre-chopped veg of your choice.... The same can be done with sardines.
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    If I put together my own pot of soup with primal ingredients and then can them, then they are still primal. Same as making tomato sauce and can it, or stew and can it, or cutting, blanching, and canning asparagus, etc. So, I don't see how canning food is necessarily non-primal.

    Unless canned food is by principle non-primal. Then canned salmon and coconut milk would also be non-primal. And I am sure that most people here would be happy to say that canned salmon and canned coconut milk are primal foods.

    I think it would be more important to check ingredients.
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    i think amy's organic tastes like crap, personally. pacific makes delicious organic soups, and several are primal. they even have a decent cream of mushroom soup.

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