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Thread: Experiences with Starting Strength?

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    I got the Starting Strength DVD, and I recommend it highly. The book is helpful, but the DVD gives you good, visual examples of what to do. I improved my squat form immediately this morning. I felt stuff working hard that clearly was not working hard before, and I read the entire squat chapter and thought I was doing it right.

    I look forward to watching the other sections this weekend before my Monday lift session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacificBeef View Post
    Gaining muscle mass while staying lean is slow but in my opinion is better than quickly gaining mass (fat and muscle), then cutting then repeating the cycle over and over.
    Agreed. I've been a guinea pig with my own training over the past several years - at least for my body type I can't eat to "bulk" without creating extra work down the line, due to body fat. Best solution: work for STRENGTH and eat a clean Primal diet. Pay extra attention to minerals and vitamins - I know from experience that these micronutrients can have a huge impact on your strength gains/fat loss. Your strength gains will produce stronger, tighter muscles, including ligament and joint strength. You'll be creating a body that will burn fat without having to try. If you wanna do the bodybuilder "bulk" cycle followed by a "cut" you're just creating extra work, in my opinion.

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