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Thread: How long to recover from gruelling squats workout?

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    Recovery is the absolute least understood aspect of training. It is so downplayed. There have been clinical studies done on advanced trainees where it took as long as 3 weeks to recover from one leg workout! Yes that person could have trained sooner but they wouldn't have come back as strong as they did waiting the 3 weeks.

    So the point here is that you are probably underestimating recovery and its importance. I recently due to life's situations, took about 3 weeks away from the gym and came back just as strong in most exercises and even stronger in others!

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    5 x 15 @ 52.5 done today, and felt stronger than last time.

    You're right about recovery though, I wouldn't have wanted to have done the workout any sooner, and did feel a little nervous on the drive to the gym. (Always the sign of a good workout plan!)

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    usually take me around 4 days to recover. i always do all of my heavy lifts only once per week.

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    I found that I switched to 5/3/1 that my SQTs improved when I started doing them 1-nce a week as opposite to 3x a week on Madcow! Doing each lift just once a week with lighter, higher volume support really hit home for me on the first cycle. Then, of course I over-reached, and dropped half the gain. I am starting the second now after stalling for 3 weeks on week 1. I am thinking that I will have to take an entire week off after the Week 4 deload on 5/3/1, because Week 3 is so brutal. Who would have thought that???
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