Sacre bleu!

Seen this summer for the first time since the 1920s in the southern appellation, the elusive and protected predator has fanned out from the Italian and southeastern French Alps and is now carrying out attacks in the Cevennes mountains of Lozre in the southern Auvergne, the home of Roquefort cheese.

Roquefort farmers warn the future of the cheese could now be in jeopardy as they will no longer be able to respect the appellation's strict rules on allowing their sheep to graze freely. These stipulate that it is "compulsory" for sheep to roam on the hilly pastures "every day" provided there is sufficient grass, "weather conditions permitting".

There have been 30 recent attacks, with 62 ruminants killed and 73 injured. ...
Roquefort under threat from the return of the wolf - Telegraph

Don't go messing with bears either:

Hiker's camera offers clues to bear attack: Bear Attacks | Alaska news at