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Thread: Wolves Threaten Rocquefort Cheese

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexie View Post
    Of course the government would pay for lost sheep - France works very, very differently than the USA.
    I don't know about other places, but in Wisconsin, farmers can get compensation from the State for lost livestock due to wolves. My BIL's neighbor has game cameras up and has photos of what seems to be two different packs in the area, but they haven't messed with the sheep yet. There are enough wolves in WI that they don't really need to be on the endangered or protected lists anymore, but they are trying to get the wolves to expand into new territories, so there is a bit of an overpopulation issue in his area right now.

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    WTF, almost every culture uses livestock guardian dogs to prevent this. Not every government pays for losses. Anatolian Shepherds have been mentioned. There are many breeds for this use. The pup is raised with livestock from a very young age and imprints that this is his pack. These aren't pets. Here's some cool ones Kashif's Blog: Turkesh Kangal Dog - Pictures.

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