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Thread: What Book Are You Currently Reading?

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    Milo Talon-Louis L"Amour
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    The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson. By Robert Caro. Book 4 in a series that's taken 30 years. Makes George R.R. Martin look speedy. Steven Pressfield is next as I've read all his books.

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    Just finished: Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken; a blessed mess.

    Just started: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn, junk food, admit I love the style and how characters develop quickly.

    Other: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami, my 4th Murakami this year; hooked, line and sinker; mentioned, coincidentally, on p. 31 of Gone Girl; a strange world where all the novels are the same, or not.

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    Just finished born to run, now reading good calories, bad calories

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    The Sea, the Sea
    Iris Murdoch
    a reread, but genius.
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    Steve Jobs biography. I downloaded it when it first came out and have recently started reading it. It's a fascinating story and I would highly recommend if you haven't already read it.
    To a Mountain in Tibet - Colin Thubron
    Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox - Kate Rheaume-Bleue

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    Doing some rereads until I pick up some new stuff...

    Perdido Street Station- Mieville
    White Night - Butcher
    An Edge in the Kitchen - Ward

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    The Case for Gold, by Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman. Flame away, all who have no understanding of basic economics.
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    This summer I have been reading some Chuck Palahniuk books, Survivor, Invisible Monsters, and Choke. I just read Joe Hill's Horns. I also read a couple of independently published novels that I found for a buck at the Kindle store. I need a suggestion for my next book

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    I've just been re-reading some Laurens van der Post books, including a couple of novels

    A Story Like the Wind: A Story Like the Wind (9780156852616): Laurens van der Post: Books


    A Far Off Place

    A Far-Off Place: Laurens van der Post: 9780156301985: Books

    I started The Compleat Angler. I don't fish, but it's supposed to be interesting for what you learn about the countryside and society of that time. It's a little slow to get into, though. It begins with set dialogues where characters speak for their different sports by citing pretty much irrelevant material from the Bible and the Classics. (I guess Izaak Walton didn't want to waste his learning.) It's difficult to feel engaged with that, because it's so far off what we would do nowadays.

    And Survival of the Fattest: The Key to Human Brain Evolution by Stephen Cunnane. AFAIK, this is one of Jack Kruse's favourites. Deeply interesting stuff.
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