Hi, I've already cut out wheat and rubbish and lost a stone. I was exceptionally fit 15 years ago and used the zone diet and body for life programme so I know that the high protein thing works for me. Having hit 50, after 5 years of chronic stress I was 45lbs over weight, (I've lost 15) unfit and starting to hurt all the time. I gave up smoking 10 months ago and now have developed Asthma. That is what has led me to this site and I'm all ready to fully embrace the primal thing. I've ordered the books and am waiting for them to arrive so I need to know if I'm on the right track and I'm a bit scared of the fat thing. I walk my dog 7 hours a week, cycle 4 hours, other CV, 2 hours and hit the weights quite hard 3-4 times per week.

I had an eating disorder years ago so I have to be quite careful not to over restrict and trigger a problem. I am comfortable with my food which involves eating 4 times a day typically, Fruit for breakfast, Eggs mid morning and meat or fish and veg for the other 2 meals. Drinking plenty of water. That is 1500 calories and according to fitday is 38%fat, 37% carbs and 24%. With my activity and currently weighing 176lbs, I could probably eat 1800 calories a day so what do you think I should add to affect the ratios. Many thanks.