Since starting my 21-Day Sugar Detox two weeks ago, I'm noticing how yeast/candida has been affecting my GI issues as well as bloating. Because of this, and some research, I want to try to get into probiotics more.

My ideal is to make home-made kombucha someday, but due to limited space and an erratic work schedule forthcoming, that's out of the question for now. Until then, I would like some ideas of easy and affordable ways to get a lot of probiotics to heal my candida issues and promote a better GI experience.

I tried drinking kefir last week for a few mornings and it made my stomach feel awful. I think it's the yeast that exists in kefir that was doing it, or the fact that I rarely eat dairy anymore and can't handle the lactose in it.

I did some searching in the forums for probiotic supplements but most are expensive. The following three were spoken of the highest, so if anyone can attest to how "worth it" any of these are, let me know:

Furthermore, what are your thoughts on a couple of tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar every day? This seems to be the most affordable option, but I'm curious if the probiotics in the vinegar will do next to nothing compared to the supplements.

In summary: what probiotic option will give me the most bang for my buck?