Hello everyone.

I'm a 41 year old man who went primal two weeks ago. A few years ago I noticed that I was putting on way more weight than I wanted (roughly 30 pounds overweight). I started running and eating a "healthy CW diet." I ended up dropping the 30 pounds that way, but had a lot of trouble maintaining that weight, even doing a *LOT* of cardio (10k trail runs). It took a lot of time, and I got tired of it, so eventually the running tapered off. Even though I still tried to keep my diet in check (according to "healthy CW"), I gradually gained all that weight back.

Anyway, I went primal two weeks ago. The first couple days were a little tough (I gave in and ate a chocolate chip cookie about day three, I think), but in the second week all that was gone, and I even found that I hardly ever felt hungry (quite a contrast to my CW weight loss approach -- I was *always* hungry, then). I've had a couple days where I felt a little tired in the afternoon, but nothing a quick 30 min nap didn't cure. Instead of running, I've been going on walks or easy cycling with my kids, and I've been doing bodyweight exercises.

I finally weighed myself this morning, and found that I've lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks. Whoa! That's almost scary-fast. I'd even be a little worried except I've had plenty of energy, I've been active and feeling good, and I've been eating quite a bit! And I mean stuff like fatty, grass-fed ribeye, fresh tuna, grilled chicken, beef ribs, omelets, et cetera. That choc. chip cookie is the only grains I've eaten in 2 weeks.

Anyway, I'm pretty impressed and enthusiastic.