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    Hello All

    My name is Keith and I have been working on an about 80% primal eating plan for a few weeks now and figured I would try and be more active in the forums. I made myself a blog to keep myself accountable.

    I was always on the heavy side growing up and never really wanted to be active. When I graduated high school I weighed 180lbs (@5'11"). By the fall when college started I had ballooned up to 220. I stayed around this weight while working and going to school and got married 3 years later. I basically gained 10 lbs a year, every year until I was 270 lbs. The funny thing is although I knew I was overweight, I didn't realize just how big I had gotten. My wife, mother-in-law, and I all went and signed up for Lindora. If you aren't familiar with it it is a low carb/low calorie/low fat/high protein diet. It definitely works, at least it did for me. In 10 weeks I was back to 220 from 270. I think the reason that it works so well is that you go and see an LVN every day who weighs you and goes over your food/exercise journal. I signed up for a second round of Lindora, but only lost 20 lbs (mostly because I wasn't very strict on my eating). The hard thing for me was trying to transition back to eating normal after eating so restricted for 20 or so weeks. So I picked up 20lbs, joined weight watchers and lost it. Gained 20 lbs, signed up for myfitnesspal and lost it. I'm back to 220 again. I'm tired of the bouncing up and down.

    I like the primal blueprint because it allows me to eat real foods and I get pretty full eating this way. I try to eat dinner around 6 and not eat again until at least 10 the next morning. I run most mornings 2-4 miles and do some strength training (the lifting days of P90x) 3 days a week. My goal is to become a police officer, and I need to be in great shape to succeed at this. So anyhow, that's me. If you're interesed in my blog it is healthybacon

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