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Thread: What progress do you think I can make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaleoEric View Post
    Taco Bell looked forward to my monies most nights when I should have been sleeping.
    Oh, "Fourth Meal"!!! The bane of my mid-twenties. I try not to think about how much my late night feasts added to their bottom line for several years.

    I can't speak personally to the fitness front, since our bodies are so different (me=female, substantially fatter by height, though lose weight pretty consistently eating primally). However, my husband has been consistently shredding his moderate layer of body fat on his torso (chest/abs/back/sides) and getting really burly by following a basic primal diet and really basic exercise. For exercise, he's just doing pull-ups (3-6/day, total, since he is just starting and maxes out at ~3. Working to increase day by day) and push-ups (20-40/day, total), some wall squats (20 seconds each, maybe 10 total), and a couple of planks (1 minute each). Pretty much just the Primal Blueprint Fitness. I say that just to let you know that your desire to do it on your own is completely reasonable, in my limited experience
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    Thank you all so much for your responses. I appreciate your time and opinions. I also love the sense of humor that we all seem to share here. Thanks for the encouragement!

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