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    I love my one nonstick pan for eggs and breakfast, I use it, handwash it really quick and it goes right back on the stove to be used soon after.

    Le Crueset is good for covered dishes baked in the oven or stuff you want to cook for a long time over low heat-it conducts and hold heat beautifully. I have a BIG oval shaped pot and a small covered skillet/wok

    I have a full set of stainless steel Calphalon pots and pans and use the low straight sided skillet the most. A tip for cleaning your stainless steel if you cannot get the food residue off with scrubbing and soaking, buy some Barkeepers friend. it is a powder and you just need a tiny bit with water but it make the pots shine like new.
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    Le Creuset has been around for a long long time (Auntie MD has some pans that are her grandmother's). I understand the lead scare, but if there was a problem with it Le Creuset would have changed it awhile back. Especially if you consider how cooks would be screaming bloody murder at them.

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    Cast iron skillets are the best. We have stainless steel too, but I love the cast iron. Hubby won't let teflon enter the house, so that was never an option for us, lol.

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    I have a 12" lodge cast iron pan I use for just about everything. I do have one teflon pan I use for eggs (I just can't seem to get them over easy in my cast iron pan) and stainless steel pots for sauce making though

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    Here is a link to some Starfrit cast iron pans. They are cast iron, but much lighter than most. I think they are brushed or ground down or something. Anyway, they are much easier to use than normal cast iron pans.
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    thanks beck, I'll check them out. Some of the Starfrit line seems similar to the cookware set I own, the Cuisinart Green Gourmet, which is non-stick, non-toxic ceramic inside, and anodized aluminum outside.
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    Why is teflon bad?

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    My two cast irons are used constantly. We do have a set of Cuisinart stainless steel pots & pans but food just sticks to them so horribly bad.
    1 Teflon for omelets. But, my smaller cast iron is getting to the 'seasoned' point that I can do omelets in it now without ending up with a huge scramble.

    Teflon is a known carcinogen. Supposedly safe unless it's heated too hot or scratched.
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