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Thread: Squats > knees 'crackle' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureFunctionalFitness View Post
    Could be a lot of reasons for that, poor form, the knee tracking issue putting undue forces on the joint or soft tissues.

    Try to isolate the movement that is causing the problem, just to rule things in or out. Squats and lunges can be hard on the knees if you overdo them or do them wrong, but they are some of the foundation movements for humans, so we should be doing them pain free!! Is it one side or both. Asymmetry is something that most of us have, but fail to address. And most gyms or trainers won't put you right.

    Things to look up in Google Search

    Gray Cook
    Trigger points
    Myofascial release

    Gray Cook is a genius when it comes to movement, trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques work great for helping sort out tight muscles, some of which may be skewing your body causing the knee issues.

    Might just be overuse, which is easy to sort :-)
    It's just one. I think it was poor form. i'll give it a rest for a while and see if it improves. Thanks for the help
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    My knees have been cracking and popping my whole life, thanks to my mother's genes (she's the same way). I'm also knock-kneed so anything requiring me to keep my knees straight or my legs straight makes them pop even louder! When I do squats (and anything else, pretty much) they pop.

    Unless it's painful, don't worry about it.
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    Agree with MissJecka. I have the same cracking problem and depending on how wide my stance is and how low I go determines how much cracking I produce. I will say though that I crack noticeably less when I get the proper hip drive.
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    As others have mentioned, as long as there is no pain, some noise is usually not a bad sign.

    Here's an article my friend (who's a PT) wrote about why joints pop and what it means for the average person.

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    mine sounds like walking on broken glass.. im pretty sure it's a loose piece of cartilage. I get patellar tendonitis from time to time in the same knee... unsure if they are related.

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